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Brillen Collection
INSIGNUM EYES - good to know...
Following the design of our by now for more than a decade
successfull Timepiece Collection, from 2013 on we developed
the INSIGNUM - Eyes Eyewear / Sunglasses Collection.
Here you find some important information about it.

All our Sunglasses are produced under highest quality standards,
all of them can be used with your prescription lenses, inserted by
your optican

We are using mainly Polycarbonate lenses (scratch resitant)
UV 400 (absorbing all damaging UV x-rays) and of course
CE certified.

Many of our models are glased with Polaroid
lenses, please check the individual description
of each model.

All of our Sunglasses you may purchase in our
Online-Shop, or at your optical store.
Our Optical frames

The Insignum Optical frames are manufactured under
highest quality standards using materials such as
Carbon Fiber, Titanium, Beta-Titanium, Stainless Steel.
The result: sportive, fashionable eyewear, extraordinary,
matching the unique design of our timepices perfectly.

You may purchase the Insignum - Eyes optical collection
at optical stores. If you don´t find your favourite model
there, of course you can order it here at our here

Your optican will be glad to glase it.